Peaches Prattlings

{March 29, 2015}   A good veggie burger

I love a good (veggie) burger.

When I say I love burgers, I always mean veggie burgers, I have to explain as people give people me a funny look.

What I don’t understand is why more places don’t offer veggie burgers, it’s such an easy thing to have on hand. You can buy a box and keep them on hand in the freezer, especially burger joints or pubs, just saying.

I’ve told you about some good ones I’ve had,  but tonight, while I was thoroughly enjoying my home made veggie burger,  baked in the oven,  not on the grill, at The Common Man restaurant with PSM,…let me just say Y U M!!! I decided that I need to keep track and share with you the different veggie burgers that I experience around the globe.

Who knows what other veggie burger lovers are out there, you know I love to share!

Here’s to a new venture of tasting and sharing! 

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