Peaches Prattlings

{March 24, 2015}   Oversleeping sets the tone for the whole day

Today I overslept, pook.

How you wake up can set the tone for your whole day, don’t you agree? Now, when I told the valet at the hotel I overslept and got up at 6:06am, he laughed and I laughed too, imagine 6am oversleeping, but when you get up by 5:30 every morning to leave by 6am, then 6:06am is oversleeping!

I set two alarms, the first at 5:15, I use that for snoozing, you know that wonderful stuff you do after the alarm goes off and it’s so nice. Then the next one goes off at 5:30, just in case I don’t wake up to the first and I hit snooze once or twice, then I’m up by 5:45 at the latest, call for the car and I’m out the door by 6am and in my car and on the road by 6:05/6:10 at the latest.

Well, this morning, my dreams were silly and I felt the need to see them through, couldn’t tell you what they were, but I know I was laughing in them, so why get up? I looked at the clock, said “Oh…” called valet and asked for the car. I rushed to get my teeth brushed, looked at my hair and realized I would be alright if I didn’t take a shower, it’s all about how you look when you leave, right?

Wasn’t it Fernando who said “It is better to look good than feel good and dahling…you look mahbelous!” Good memories.

The good thing was, the hospital was about 20 minutes away, I made it in time to set the classroom up, of course, I had to wait for someone from security to come and open the room up, which is supposed to be open all the time, sigh.

Guess what happened next…I was there at 6:30 for my 7am class and no one showed up…what? So, I was able to eat breakfast, that was a plus…

The day was fine, people showed up to all the other classes, but I was still a teeny bit off.  Left the hospital, got into the car, realized I left my lunch bag in the training room, went back, waited for security to unlock the door. Got back to the hotel, thought I lost my little electronic bag, oh my! I finally found it, it was hiding where I couldn’t find it.

After a while, I decided I was not leaving the hotel. I called room service, ordered got into the bath, relaxed, put on my jammies, ate dinner [wasn’t great, they messed up the order a bit], chilled out and now I’m talking to you.

Alarms are set, I’m going to get more than 4 hours of sleep and tomorrow is a new day.


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