Peaches Prattlings

{March 20, 2015}   Being sick on your birthday…not a gift

It’s just a fact, right, being sick on your birthday sucks, to be blunt.

Tomorrow EJS turns EIGHT, more on that tomorrow, still OMG!

So…back to the point of the post. EJS had a cough that wouldn’t go away, they took her to the doctor this morning and she has croup, poor little bit. She stayed home from school yesterday and today, feeling like crud, not knowing what was wrong.

So, first, she had to miss the school field trip today, not a happy camper there. Then…her birthday party tomorrow was cancelled, bummer, but…it’s already rescheduled and almost everyone is coming, so that’s great! We went out for the traditional birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory, enjoyed and not enjoyed when you’re not feeling well. She put up a good front.

Hopefully tomorrow she will feel better, there is still a big day planned, which I will tell you all about.

Bottom line, your birthday should be a fun and happy day, not a day that you feel like crud, so I am sending EJS as many good vibes as I can, hope you can do the same!

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