Peaches Prattlings

{March 10, 2015}   Niagara Falls at night

Tonight, an exciting and fun experience.

I’ve told you how I get to do cool stuff while I’m onsite for some projects, tonight was no different. We went to Niagara after dinner, how cool is that?!

Since we are in Buffalo for this project, we knew we would have to go to The Falls at some point, so JO found a deal for the Sheraton, we got the room, vouchers for food and drinks, a bottle of wine and a voucher for the casino across the way, great! So tonight, after work, we met downstairs and had dinner then walked less than a mile to Niagara Falls!

It’s night time, so it wasn’t easy to see very far, but it was still cool and beautiful. From about two blocks away you could hear the rushing water, then as we got closer, it got a little chillier and when we were there, we could feel the spray on our faces.

It was a fun experience and one I hope to do again, in daylight hours, but I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!



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