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{March 7, 2015}   Start with the Museum…End with the Theater…What a day!

I am a spoiled daddy’s girl and I love it!

Having a moment…did I mention, last night, that I am in NYC visiting my dad for the weekend? Well, I am and it’s been fabulous so far! I got in late last night, as I told you and then we stayed up until about 12:30 talking, it was great.

This morning I got a text way too early, as I had forgotten to turn off the volume, a mistake I will not be making this evening. So, no worries on getting up early, I’m getting used to it for teaching class, so it’s all good.

Dad and I talked for a good long while, got some breakfast, played on our pc’s, got ready and headed into Manhattan to have some fun! We drove in and parked at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, headed in, but first, had to stop at the main entrance, go outside and get a knish! Mmmm…and for those of you not in the know, a knish is dough filled with goodness and often fried. Trust me, y u m!

After sneaking the knish in, we sat down to munch on it and then headed into the museum for some culture. We started with some amazing Chinese calligraphy and images, I need to show you some of the amazing work my dad has done, in this medium! He really is gifted and I love when I get an original piece, sometimes he even writes letters on the back and mails it, how cool is that?

Aren’t these beautiful? He gets inspired looking at them, I love to see it and talk to him about what he’s going to create, it’s fun to see.

Then there were the Impressionists, which I love! Degas’ Dancer was there! I hadn’t seen it in years, since I was at Musee D’Orsey in Paris about 7 years ago! What a treat! I walk into this area, see Manet, Monet, Seurat, Pissaro and so many more and I feel a huge sense of calm and happiness wash over me, I am at peace and well, happy.

wpid-20150307_162238.jpg. wpid-20150307_160910.jpg    wpid-20150307_161757.jpg

Somewhere in there, we have a sit down and some lunch, which was very nice, my view was of the park outside of the museum covered in snow, people out there walking around, it was about 30 degrees, a heat wave!

I have to tell you, I love going to the museum with my dad more than anyone. I enjoy going with others, but there is nothing like going with my dad. We have similar tastes and reactions, we sometimes both look at something and wonder “What?” “Really?” And we laugh at a lot of the same things, I absolutely love it!

After lunch, we went to one of my favorite areas, the Lila Acheson wing, where they keep the modern art. There are some pieces I adore and some I scratch my head, well I should say we scratch our heads.

There was the Lichtenstein and the Close and the Rauschenberg and the Stella and the…and the… I was happy.


Now, when I said we like to have fun…Take a look at this this one, I made my dad stare into it and I whispered “I want a pony, I want a pony”


Eventually, it was time to go and folks…this is where I sign off because I am one tired puppy and I need to get some sleep! I will tell you all about the theater tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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