Peaches Prattlings

{March 3, 2015}   Would I get Worker’s Comp for that?

First…nothing happened, but this is a what if, because something almost happened.

Second…I thought Mother Nature had something against Boston, with all the snow they have been getting and I’ve been there pretty much for all of it, fun. There is so much white…everywhere. Now, while I thought Mother Nature had something against Boston, I think she hates Buffalo!

I’ve been here since last Monday and there were not a lot of sunny days, but forget that. There is snow, snow, snow everywhere, and it does not seem like there is an end in site. Today, it snowed, then rained and the rain must have helped melt some of the snow, I don’t know if there was some sun over the weekend, but there is slush, slush and more slush. And ice, ice and more ice.

Which, brings me back to my post. We were heading into one of the offices for the afternoon and pulled up to the curb, well, what used to be the curb, it’s covered by a high mountain of snow and a river of slush and water at the street. The sidewalk, when we finally got to it, was almost a sheet of ice, we made it in and to safety, wet feet and all.

Coming out of the building…this is where we get to the thinking behind my post…we came out of the building and walked very cautiously, because the sidewalk was almost a sheet of ice and then all of a sudden, there was a crash as chunks of snow and ice came crashing down off the roof! No one was hurt, we were all just a little spooked and not looking forward to walking the rest of the way on the sidewalk, but to get to the street…walk through a river.

I joked, would we get Worker’s Compensation for this? The answer, yes! Good to know!

Good night

PS. Happy Happy Birthday to my fabulous granddaughter, LB! She turned four today! Oh my!!!

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