Peaches Prattlings

{March 2, 2015}   Packing…Challenge: Accepted…Attempted…Success…Almost

I must be out of practice!

When I first got back on the road last year, just like with every new job, there is a challenge mine is packing.

Now, when I get into the groove, no problem, I know exactly what I am taking each week, it’s pretty much the same. When I was in Michigan, it was easy, I left stuff there over the weekends when I would go home. Sometimes I would either bring just my dirty laundry with me or nothing, since I could do laundry there.

Now, with weekly trips, if I am at the same hotel week after week, no problem, either take the stuff home or leave it over the weekend and take dirty laundry home. The problem arises when you are going to be gone for two weeks, with a weekend trip somewhere other than home, now you have to think about clothes for the weekend and will you be able to do laundry. Normally you pack for the week, but when you’re gone for two weeks, you need to bring a few extra things so you’re not wearing the exact same things two weeks in a row, you can mix and match, but that only goes so far.

So, I hope you have gathered that I am going to be gone for two weeks, next weekend I’m so excited about, I’ll tell you about it next weekend! Now that we cleared that up, you have deduced that I have more stuff to take with me and I was hoping to put it all in my one bag, I got that sucker stuffed to the gills, everything went in, even the bulky sweater I like…zipped shut, good to go.

And then…I turn around and there are the boots I was going to change into when I get to the office…drat! So close….

Down to the basement for a bigger bag and now it all fits, go me! So…challenge accepted, attempted and quasi success. But still…only one bag.

Happy travels!


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