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{February 27, 2015}   Live long and prosper…a legend is lost

Today a legend was lost.

Leonard Nimoy, better known to millions of fans as Mr. Spock, from Star Trek, not to be confused with Dr. Spock, the baby expert, I’m just saying.

I remember the first time I saw Mr Spock on Star Trek, GES and I were watching on Saturday evening as kids and I have been. fan ever since. I have seen every episode of Star Trek and every movie, I know I’m probably not THE biggest fan, but I’m up there.

A bit of background about the man, the myth, the legend…He was born in Boston, Mass, to Ukrainian Jews, began performing at age 8, served in the Army Reserves in 1953 and has had an illustrious career in television, film, theater, a writer, director, musician, was there no limit to his talent.

I know a lot of people know this, but some may not, but the way he holds his hands with the fingers spread is a Jewish symbol and something he learned attending synagogue as a child.

Did you know he was a private pilot who owned his own airplane and that The Space Foundation named him the 2010 recipient of the Douglas S Morrow Public Outreach Award for creating a positive role model that inspired untold numbers of viewers to learn more about the universe. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

His acting career included more than 134 credits? That is staying power.

Did you love him as much as I did in the new Star Trek movies? There is something about him that is lasting and timeless. And he’s a song and dance man, do you remember the few episodes Mr Spock cut loose? I do! Singing and laughing, those showed true range and were a treat to watch.

You will be missed by millions and I know there are hundreds of thousands, maybe more, of people who will miss you, Mr Spock, thank you for the memories and wherever you are, live long and prosper.

Leonard Nimoy singing about Hobbits

New and old Spock…Challenge

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