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{February 25, 2015}   I heart “Chuck”

Oh boy do I love this show!

Apparently on some shows, I am not a right then, when it comes out kind of girl, I am a wait until the entire show is over and then watch all the episodes in a row. Maybe that’s so I don’t have to wait a week for the next episode, yeah, that sounds good. There are some shows I used to watch every week, but now with DVR and Netflix and Hulu, why wait.

In addition, there are some shows that don’t hook me when they’re out and I stumble upon them later and then get hooked. The Sopranos, Ugly Betty, Eureka, Warehouse 13 and now Chuck.

This is a great show! I was first introduced to the star, Zachary Levi, wow I made it sound like we’re great friends! watching Less than Perfect, which he played a tool, kind of turned me off, then in Tangled, playing Flynn Rider, which I absolutely loved and now, in Chuck, I think he’s just dreamy, so funny, sweet and cute, and he plays them all very well.

The show, “When a twenty-something computer geek inadvertently downloads critical government secrets into his brain, CIA and NSA assign two agents to protect him and exploit such knowledge, turning his life upside down.” It’s clever, it’s funny, it’s smart, it’s silly, I really like it. I’ve watched about 8 episodes and I’m looking forward to more!

I don’t know the rest of the cast, except for Adam Baldwin, who I also heart, but I like the rest of the cast. It’s an interesting dynamic, each group that Chuck interacts with. The government agency, getting into scrapes and going on missions, he can talk to them, mostly, wanting to maintain a normal life, but knows it’s impossible. Then there is the group he works with at Buy More,  a Best Buy knock off, all quirky and funny, sarcastic, goofy, a good contrast to what Chuck has to deal with keeping secrets.

Then there is his family, he lives with his sister and her boyfriend, Captain Awesome and his best friend from childhood, Morgan, all supportive and love Chuck, not sure how to deal with him now that he’s become secretive and evasive and think he’s that way because he’s got a new “girlfriend”, the cover he and one of the agents have, how much would that stink, not being able to really be with the person you’re supposed to be with and you both really like each other.

This was some review. Bottom line, I am loving this show and I’m excited to watch all five seasons. I hope there is a good ending, please do not spoil it for me!

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