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{February 23, 2015}   My day…travel, a new location, new project

Today started a new venture.

I had been looking for a new project since I left Chicago and a few weeks ago I found one! I interviewed and a few days later, ta da! Awesome! I found out one day short of my one year anniversary with my company, how cool is that?

The project is in, wait for it…BUFFALO! What? I left Boston this morning and it was 15 degrees out, snow everywhere, I land and it was 0 in Buffalo and now… NEGATIVE 7, it’s cold!

So, let’s talk about the day…Uber, as much as I love you, no love today, could not get a car to save my life, as the saying goes, so I decided to drive myself, craped some paint off the wheel well of my car scraping against something, it happens. Annie was adjusting, she hasn’t been out of the garage in almost a month! Oh my! The traffic was bearable, but people didn’t want to let me in, not nice! Oh well, I still made it to the airport within an hour. The funny thing with the toll roads, almost everyone has a transponder to pay, so the cash lanes, which I was in, were empty, but I still had to merge with everyone.

I got to the airport, then drove around, in what seemed like circles for quite a while before I found the open parking lot, all levels but the top were full. The guy sitting next to me on the flight said it took him almost an hour to get into the parking deck! Oh my! I found parking and then headed towards American Airlines, where I booked my flight, but oh no, you can’t check in there, or get my boarding pass online, grrr, I had to go outside and across the airport to US Airways check in and drop my bag, really? I know the two airlines are merging, but it’s been a while and it would be nice if some of the merging was done. Oh well. I made it through security, love my TSA pre-check, headed to the gate, stopped for a breakfast sandwich, I asked for no cheese, guess what I got…

Then it was time to board, already started before I got there, which was nice, didn’t have to wait long. I did stare at the woman two in front of me wearing FLIP FLOPS! Going from Boston to Buffalo in flip flops, what? We walked out of the gate, out of the airport, down the steps, across the tarmac a bit, up the stairs, onto the little baby “planelet”. The guy sitting next to me was very nice, a lot nicer than the flight attendant, not sure if was a bad day, not my fault.

There ended the so-so part of my day.

I arrived in Buffalo to the oh so balmy 0, eventually met up with my new co-workers and we shivered our way to the car, headed to one of the locations for the project for the start of Train the Trainer, T3, for those of you not in the know. I met the team I would be working with, had some lunch and started the training and orientation, including schedules.

After orientation, we continued working on the documentation and then about 7:00 we went to dinner at a place called The Lodge. The food was good, company enjoyable, service was s l o w…

Got to the hotel about 9:30, checked in, unpacked my frozen luggage, I actually used the hair dryer to warm the clothes up! I was not getting into frozen jammies!

Here I sit, talking to you, the alarm is set to wake up and walk on the treadmill and get started learning the new application tomorrow!

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