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{February 22, 2015}   Kingsman: The Secret Service

Let’s say…I HEART this movie!

I went to see Kingsman: The Secret Service today and O M G! I la la la loved it. Did I say I loved it? Just in case…I LOVED it!

Now…why did I love it? Let me tell you…First, the cast, wow! Colin Firth was Fabulous did you like how I did that?  as Galahad, he is a well dressed, well, spy, part of a secret organization and he brings in an unrefined potential recruit in, the actor I don’t remember seeing before, but was fantastic, Taron Egerton. Mark Strong was Merlin, he played a good guy, very unusual, but a great character, part of me kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but he was a good guy throughout.

Michael Caine was Arthur, think there was a Round Table, knights, defenders of the realm feel? I love Jack Davenport, who was Lancelot and not in the film very long, but I love him, loved him in the original Coupling and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I promise I am not glancing over Michael Caine, but what could I say about Michael Caine that hasn’t been said about the man, the genius, the legend.

Mark Hamill was not part of the Kingsman, but who doesn’t love to see him in movies? Sofia Boutella, who I didn’t know, was an assassin of sorts, with the most wicked prosthetic feet, very sharp, let’s just say. Samuel L Jackson was, well, really bad, but what was comical was his lisp throughout the entire movie, hard to focus or take him seriously.

There were a bunch of actors I was not familiar with, but still quite enjoyable. Then there were fist fights, umbrella fights, gun fights, gee a lot of fighting! Really cool spy gear and wear, bullet proof suits, transmitting glasses, lethal fountain pens, just to name a few of the items you would receive if you were invited and passed the test to join the Kingsman.

There were a few really grody moments, but now you know so you can decide for yourself. I look forward to hearing what you think!

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