Peaches Prattlings

{February 20, 2015}   Mother Nature, did we make you mad?

As I have been in Boston for a while now, I have experienced snow.

I know I talked about this already, but I wanted to talk about it again, so there.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I grew up in NYC, it snowed. I went to college in Western NY, it snowed and I mean…a lot. It would snow in October and might not melt until May sometimes, crazy, I know.

Yesterday it was about 26, oh my, a heat wave! And some flurries, but there has been snow almost every day, some days more than others.

I just wanted to share what it was like, the streets are built up, there are pathways down the sidewalks, some people can’t see out of the end of their driveways, the snow is so high, same at the end of the street, getting out onto the main roads, tricky.

People have made the best of a bad situation, clearing the paths, making snow forts and even skiing to work, it’s been entertaining,

The icicles are amazing! Some are out of control, taking over the houses, but oh some of them do look so dreamy!

There was a swing set in the backyard, I promise! And the thing on the right, a hammock! Oh well, Spring will be here eventually!

Stay warm my friends!

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