Peaches Prattlings

{February 13, 2015}   Nicknames

What is a nickname? What’s in a nickname?

Nicknames are names, duh, that we give each other, even give ourselves sometimes, although, is it pretentious to give yourself a nickname? Does it matter? Go for it, it’s your name, it’s what represents you, have at it!

When I was a kid, in school, I was friends with a girl named RJ and we were inseparable, we used to giggle like crazy, they called us the Giggle Twins, sometimes having to be separated. In high school, I had three nicknames, all in my youth group, one carried over to high school. One was Giggles, what a stretch…the funny thing about that is when I went to see one of my closest friends, her daughter, five at the time and was in speech therapy, had trouble with her G’s, called me Diddles, I loved it and I will forever be known to her as Diddles, I’ll take it!

Another nickname was Lennon, I had John Lennon round glasses, [I am so glad my Sally Jesse Raphael glasses didn’t inspire anyone!] so, I became known as Lennon and I have to tell you, there were a lot of people who didn’t know my real name, even when we saw each other in college, just Lennon. It’s alright, I’d rather be remembered as Lennon than not remembered at all.

And isn’t that the point of a nickname? Makes you more memorable, and there you go.

The last nickname, which has stuck to this day is George. I know, or think I know, you’ve figured out what my name is and there are so many of us, you would remember a girl named George first, right?

Enough about me, what do you think about me? ha ha ha.

The inspiration for this post…I was talking to PM and he got a voice mail with someone shouting his nickname, Boo. It stemmed from a story from college and stuck, now everyone calls him Boo and he answers. My neighbor in Atlanta, CA, he has bear tattoos on his forearms, so his nickname is Boo Boo.

So…what’s your nickname? Where did it come from? How long have you had it?

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