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{February 10, 2015}   A new experience…ooh, that’s going where?

No flowers, boo.

Today I had a new experience, a first for me. A little background…I was diagnosed with Severe Gastritis somewhere between 21 and 23, it’s been a while. The reason I was diagnosed is that for a long time, every time I ate, I was nauseous and/or would throw up, so my mom took me to a GI, or Gastroenterologist.

I had my first endoscopy at that time, it turns out I had eaten a hole in the lining of my stomach from taking too many Advil, due to allergies, fun, I know, right! I even have the pictures, wanna see? So, the doctor put me on Tagamet, before it was over the counter, and a strict list of things I couldn’t eat. Want to be jealous? Fried food, spicy food, citric acid, caffeine, colored soda, chocolate, apple skins, potato skins and if I eat nuts, I have to chew them really well. I used to eat Tums like they were candy, I got to like the tropical kind.

About the same time, I was diagnosed with Lactose Intolerance, which was wonderful understanding why I would get sick from a sip of milk. For years I took Lactaid pills, tried to avoid a lot of dairy products, but still ate them. Let me tell you, that first sip of Lactaid milk, after years of not drinking milk…like manna from the gods! Happy me!

Eventually I couldn’t even have Lactaid Milk, so it was soy milk, then I developed an allergy to soy milk, really? Oh my goodness, my tongue would itch so bad, I’d scratch it with a fork! So, no more soy milk and limit my soy product intake, to be on the safe side. Almond, Rice and Coconut milk it is! I slowly started to cut some more dairy out, but I couldn’t stay completely away. Finally, in August, I said enough is enough and cut out dairy completely, boo hoo, I miss cheese! I miss pizza! I know, there are substitutes, but they are just not the same, but it’s what had to be done. I feel a little better, but not completely.

Ok, fast forward to today. I gave up dairy last year and I really try to avoid all the things I’m not supposed to have, but I still live with nausea, 24/7, some days worse than other, some better, but it doesn’t seem to go away.

I have a new PCP, primary care physician and when I told her about the nausea, she prescribed Prilosec, after a few weeks, I called to ask how long it was supposed to take before the nausea goes away. She told me to stop taking it and would I be interested in seeing a GI. Yes, please.

I was able to get an appointment and today was the day, so away I went…in the snow. She was very nice and a few times confused when I told her some of the things that bothered me, but had a plan. The second was some blood work, the third and fourth are some tests, very boring as the doctor said, the first is tomorrow, I will let you know.

Yes, I know I went out of order because here is the first thing ties back into why we are here today. She did a somewhat physical exam, I stripped down to my skivvies and got to wear a lovely hospital gown, at least this one has ties in the front!

She listened to my heart and lungs, she checked my neck, she tapped on my belly to see if there was any pain and lastly…she had me roll onto my side, look out the window and ooh, you’re going to put your finger where?

No, it wasn’t a surprise, she told me what was coming next, but it’s not the most pleasant of experiences, so it helps to joke about it, wouldn’t you agree?

She told me the gel would be cold, I asked if I would at least get flowers, she laughed and said no. She was in and out, so to speak, pretty quickly. It was a tad bit uncomfortable, but not horrible, not saying I want to experience this every day, but it was endurable.

All seemed normal there, she was going to send out for tests, to be sure. It was over and then it was time to get dressed and go, which I did, with a new story to tell.

Take care of yourselves people, we only have one life and one body and we should care for it!

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