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{February 4, 2015}   Duct Tape is a beautiful thing

If you can’t fix it, duck it! That’s what my dad always says.

When in doubt duck it! Or like the picture says… Duct tape is like the force: it has a light and a dark side and it gods the universe together!

I am inspired by the duct tape I have access to, some that were given to me by SDL, some I picked up at the store and what I have done with it. I once made a wallet from a kit my dad gave me, he said “There is only one person I know that would love this!” How right he was! DCM’s daughter, DCM, made me a purse once, I still have it, adorable! EJS made a great little wallet/purse that I “bought” from her sale, I still have it, love it.

I like to cover things and repurpose them, like taking empty tissue boxes and covering them and using them for things, like a tea box holder in the kitchen, I just covered one to use it as a trash bin in the bedroom and this weekend I am going to cover my new ski poles, they are an unfortunate color, but I have a really cool, comic book duct tape, they will look neat-o!

There are so many ideas for duct tape, crafts, functional, art [when CKM and I were at brunch a few weeks ago, they had some great Star Wars pictures made with duct tape]. Here are some ideas for crafts:

How about furniture!

One of my favorite things in duct tape… the prom outfits! The contest started a few years ago by and the Duck Brand holds a scholarship contest every year for the best prom outfits and these are clever! Enjoy!

untitled (4). imagesPHQ4QZD3

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