Peaches Prattlings

{January 29, 2015}   Personal lives in tv shows…why?

Why do characters have to have personal lives in certain shows? Does it help?

Case in point, as I talked about last night, I am on a Criminal Minds kick and right now, I am up to the episode where one of the main characters ex-wife is killed by a serial killer. There were a few episodes leading up to this point and I have a vested interest and I am boo-hooing like a baby.

There are shows that are all about personal lives, like sitcoms or shows like Bluebloods, it’s a show about an entire family of cops and they get together weekly for meals, you’re going to have personal lives and drama.

The ones I don’t get are things like Criminal Minds, all the Law and Orders, the crime dramas. Unless there is a continuing, unfolding story, why do they have to have personal lives? Can’t they do their jobs without having personal lives and conflicts? They can have personalities and personality flaws, but do they have to get divorced? Spouses and loved ones die? Aren’t there other ways to get those characters off the show?

That’s about it.

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