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{January 27, 2015}   Movie Trailers

Movie trailers are addictive!

Do you love them as much as I do? Do you start watching one and all of a sudden, you’ve watched ten? Do you find yourself watching them for hours?

Sometimes I will go to to find out something about a movie, actor, director, you name it and then I might see a trailer that I want to check out and boom… I’ve watched ten trailers or more and I cannot tell you where the time went or maybe even what I watched!

Do you know It stands for Internet Movie Data Base and it is DA BOMB! Yes, I said DA BOMB! It one of the best movie/TV/actor, etc, resources I have ever found and so many people know it, if you don’t already know it, go! Live it, learn it, love it!

The great thing about trailers is that they give you insight into a movie, the bad thing about trailers is they sometimes tell you too much. When the wasband and I used to go to the movies, if we saw a trailer that showed too much, one of us would say “Well, now we don’t have to go to see that movie!”. There have been some great trailers that give you just a taste, makes you want more.

Then there are times there are so many trailers that by the time the movie starts, I have no idea what I am seeing. I used to look at DCM and he would tell me what we were about to see!

Some trailers make you scratch your head and say “huh”? I was looking for a link and stumbled across the trailer for Fantastic 4, I got excited thinking it was going to be a continuation from the last movie, The Silver Surfer, but no… it seems to be as if they are starting the series over. I knew that was coming with Star Trek, not Fantastic 4. But I digress.

I majored in Communication Media when I was in college, I wanted to work for Children’s Television, possibly even direct on Sesame Street, how cool would that have been? One of the thing I absolutely loved about studying film and television was thinking about how I could explain a movie or TV show to the public, in essence… create trailers. Give people just enough to understand and be intrigued enough to want to see the movie, but not enough to give the entire movie or show away.

I think there are times I could sit in a movie theater and watch trailer after trailer after trailer. How about you?

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