Peaches Prattlings

{January 12, 2015}   Where does the time go?

There is a time bandit and I do not know where it comes from or goes!

I was awakened by EJS about 6:40 this morning, she crawled in bed with me, wondering where her mommy was, at the gym, go GES! I should be there with you!

About 7, we got up and started to head downstairs for breakfast, just as mommy got home. Into the kitchen to make breakfast, lunch and snacks for two wee tots. Finish homework EJS, someone else woke up tired, no names. Breakfast and getting ready for school was interesting.

EJS left for the bus, GES left for the train and MGS and I were left to get dressed and go to school. Finish breakfast, head upstairs and mini fight to get dressed, then head to school.

Make sure we have her bag for the week [blankets, sheets for nap time, lovey] Didn’t know mommy had put a love in the bag, so we spent about ten minutes looking for it, decided on a lion and tiger and away we went. She was quiet on the way to school, didn’t feel much like chatting. We were on our way by 8:15am.

Got to school about 8:45, did the drop off, and was at Whole Foods by 9am, then it was returns at multiple stores, pick up other things and then head home, by now it is about 11:45am.

I got home about 12:15/12:30, unloaded the packages and made some lunch, sat and ate, then got down to business, doing things around the house that needed to be done, made a few phone calls, applied for a few jobs, answered emails and all of a sudden it was 3:30 and time to pick up MGS.

Seriously…Where did the time go?

PS… Happy birthday to my dear friend from high school and youth group, JT.

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