Peaches Prattlings

{January 8, 2015}   We started Harry Potter!

Last night, ACS thought it would be fun to start reading Harry Potter to the girls.

They have seen the first movie and I know that EJS has seen the second one, so it seems safe to read it to them and at the rate we are going of a few pages each night, they should both be in their teens by the time I get to the more intense books!

I sat down to read to them, put on my British accent and away we went! It’s night two and we are almost done with chapter one!

I love these books, each time a new one came out, I couldn’t put it down and I was ready to read the next one. I have read each one at least twice, except for the last one, too emotionally taxing, but I still loved it!

I am so excited for this opportunity to read this series to them both, I am just ticked pink! I will keep you posted on our progress!


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