Peaches Prattlings

{January 3, 2015}   I used a medical excuse to get out of something

Do I feel bad about it? I’m not sure.

So… What did I do? Well, my fabulous weekend Breckenridge at Beaver run resort at the obscenely low rate was in exchange for listening to a timeshare spiel, you know, where you sit and they say  “at the end of your cake vacation at a resort or hotel, what do you really have? Besides memories? Really? That’s what you’re going to try on me?

Well, tonight, the girl I was working with very enthusiastic and good at what she does. The property is beautiful, right on peak 7, ski-in/ski-out, lockers, hot tubs, 4 movie theaters, restaurants, game rooms, how could you say no?

The cost wasn’t bad, the interest rate was horrible, the benefits even after your one week were pretty good, but as a chatted with GES she pointed out, it’s nice to have but not need to have, good. It was actually the first time I considered the deal.

… And I alluded  to in my New Years Eve post there are some things, medically speaking, coming up in this year that I’m not sure where I will be, if I will have to put out for the doctors and if I’m going to be coming to Colorado much or even traveling for pleasure, so would I be able to use it.

Even when I told her this, then the big gun came in and she gave me a really good deal for a lot less money which you would have held open for me for a year at month, but I don’t know what’s what so I had to walk away.

I didn’t tell the first girl about the medical stuff because honestly I didn’t think about it until later and I felt bad because she went through the entire page, the viewing, and expressed interest in the deal and I was, but as I’m not sure of anything why put money out there I might need for something else.

I have said no to the timeshare thing before, but why do I feel guilty this time? I loved when she said it… starting with the heavy sales pitch “how much will you be kicking yourself if you go home without signing? I know it’s your job but it’s still kind of annoying.”

Ok, I’m over it.

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