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{November 26, 2014}   Traveling the day before Thanksgiving

Was not that bad!!

The day before Thanksgiving is known as the busiest and worst travel day of the year.  In most places it is very true.

I got on an earlier flight today, 12 pm, so I headed to the airport about 10am, no traffic. No line at check in, no line through TSA pre-check, got to my gate in about three minutes.

There were no crazy lines, crazy people, no overcrowding, no screaming kids, was this really the day before Thanksgiving?

Boarded flight, sat down and about 10 minutes into boarding, a flight attendant comes over and asks my name and then hands me a boarding pass…for first class!

I move to first class, ahhhh…go United Airlines!

I sit down and immediately get offered a drink. We take off, I start watching a movie, thank you free United Airlines entertainment.

Then came the warm towels, bowl of warm mixed nuts, then the offer of lunch. I had an Asian chicken salad, minus the chicken and warm tomato bisque, then came the warm oatmeal raisin cookie. Not too shabby for a flight just over 2 hours.

Then I got my luggage no problem, except for going to the wrong baggage claim first. Got a taxi quickly and no traffic, made it to my sister’s in no time, despite the freezing rain and sleet.

Got to see my dad and sister alone for a little bit, then the girls and b-i-l came home.

All in all, an easy trip, way better than expected!

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you, one and all!

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