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{November 23, 2014}   The Presidential Suite

I know, hold yourself back, another early post! Don’t get too used it, I am in a happy place right now!

The reason I am in a happy place and blogging early is that I am relaxed and happy! I just got out of the jacuzzi!!! Ok, let me start from the beginning…

So…since I started on the project in Chicago, I have been staying at the Sheraton, since the Doubletree was booked for the week and I am doing a status match at Sheraton, a few more nights and I am platinum, hey, we already know I’m spoiled, so why not! But…ever since I started staying there, I felt like I was cheating on Hilton! I know, these companies don’t give a flying fig about me, but I am a loyal person!

This week, I had to be in early on Monday morning, so I flew in on Sunday evening and I am staying at the Doubletree. Since I am Diamond status, I am always on the upgrade list, if I can only book a Queen, I get a King. Well, when I checked in, Dwayne, at the front desk, told me he was able to upgrade me…to the Presidential Suite! What? I’ll take it!

Ok friends, Hilton has spoiled me before, I know I have told you, but let me just say dayum!!! I totally geeked out and took pictures, which you see below. Let me paint a picture…You walk in and there is a walk in coat closet, could be a clothes closet for your guests. There is a full bath next to the closet, a sitting area with a fold out sofa, arm chair, dining table in the center of the room and a big screen tv opposite the arm chair. Oh, I forgot, there is a kitchen sink, microwave and refridgerator when you first come in on the right.

Walk through the door off the sitting room into the master bedroom, nice king sized bed, arm chair, desk, dresser, big screen tv, could be a walk in closet, and next to the closet is a door to the balcony, on the right, you could sit or stand, to the left, two chairs and a table under the cover, you could have a dinner party out there!

Then…ahhhh…the master bath!!! I thought the bathroom I had in Michigan was awesome…to the right, a jacuzzi tub! To the right, the water closet with the toilet, big enough for a few people, across from the jacuzzi…double vanity and to the left…a shower big enough for at least 4-6 comfortably! Double shower heads on opposite walls of the shower!

The front bathroom has full toiletries, the master bath has double toiletries, how happy am I! Oh, don’t forget the robe in the bathroom and another in the bedroom closet!

So…after I went to the mall, not a fun experience, a necessary evil for the week and had a decent dinner at Stir Crazy, one of those wok/stir fry places, I came back to the room, put some shower gel in the jacuzzi, filled the tub, sat down, started the jets and said ahhhhh…after a long soak and subsequent pruning of the fingers and toes, I got out, put on a robe and now I am sitting in the arm chair in the living room, watching and singing along to The Wizard of Oz and writing to you, could anything be better?


wpid-20141123_143811.jpg wpid-20141123_143851.jpg wpid-20141123_143934.jpg wpid-20141123_143956.jpg wpid-20141123_143947.jpg wpid-20141123_143909.jpg wpid-20141123_144008.jpg wpid-20141123_144023.jpg wpid-20141123_144033.jpg wpid-20141123_144051.jpg




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