Peaches Prattlings

{November 20, 2014}   Don’t gooooooooo

This was the cry from EJS when I was leaving with GES to go to girls night.

What a feeling! “You’re not going are you?” “Yes I am, I’m going with mommy”  “But you’re coming right back, right?”  “Eventually”  “Awe…bbbbuuuttt…”  from her sister “I’ll miss you”. And down the stairs we went after kissing the girls goodnight.

At the bottom of the steps, we look up and they are starting to creep, with these sad looks on their faces, down the stairs, GES turns to me and says, this is not for me. Awe, they want me to stay!  They’re sad I’m going out for the night! I’m in!

And I have had a giant smile on my face ever since!

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