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{November 17, 2014}   Volunteering and a Half Marathon!

What a weekend! After I tell you about it, you will understand why I was so tired last night!

I told you about my fabulous lunch on Saturday, then when I got back to the hotel, I changed into something a little warmer and better footwear, then headed back out to the SLS parking lot to volunteer for the Rock-n-Roll 5k.

We had to be there at 4:15pm, the race started at 6pm. Have you ever wondered how the medals at races got set up? The water, bananas, etc? Yup, volunteers. We started by taking the medals out of the individual plastic baggies, bunched them by 25 and then got our assignments for the run.
Another volunteer and I were slotted to give the first, second and third place men’s and women’s awards out aren’t they cool?


I was going to participate in the 5k, but I missed the cut off. There was a special medal, of course, if you did both races. And of course, a different shirt for each race. (Have you met me?)

About six we were told to get ready because in about ten minutes or so, he first runner would be coming through. Ten? Yup, ten to twelve minutes is about right for a 5k, if you are one of those really fast runners! Here they come!

It was a fun experience, there were about 5k for the 5k (tee her hee). After we gave out the awards, we started giving out waters. Technically people were supposed to keep going and get water a little farther up, with their medals, but apparently that wasn’t good enough, so we started giving out water. Most people were nice, some were not, it takes all kinds. Most people said thank you and one person said “Thank you for volunteering”, like I do, it makes you feel good!

The only part I didn’t care for was standing around, I don’t do well standing still and my feet don’t like it, but other than that, it was fun and exciting and rewarding. I went back to the hotel and thought I would get some sleep, ha ha.

The next morning, after about six hours of sleep, I went to have brunch with SF, a friend who grew up with my mom, she is CFL’s mom, who I had dinner with Friday night. It was SF, CFL, her husband and their two kids, we had a great time and a good breakfast.

After breakfast, back to the house for a minute, then SF drove me out to see Red Rocks, I had never been before, it was amazing and fascinating and bizarre, so cool! Then we drove the park, no hiking for me yesterday, I had a race later, headed back to the house for a bit, then SF drove me to the hotel, or tried to.

I had wanted to go to the hotel about 4 so I could rest, maybe take a nap. We got near the hotel and all the streets were blocked off, so she dropped me about half a mile from the hotel and I walked. I get to the hotel to check some stuff and sit down and I realize that the run started at 4:30! What?

My Swiss cheese brain, in typical JJ fashion, thought the run started at 6, like the 5k, not so! So I changed as quickly as I could and ran out the door! I wasn’t terribly worried, my corral was 46! I knew I would have some time. I ran to the monorail, talked to a few people who were staring at me then ran the almost one mile from the monorail to the start and they were only up to corral 36! Phew!

About 5:15 we started and we were off! We ran down the strip past McCarren Airport, the executive side, private planes and helicopters and all to just past the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign! Then back down the strip, very surreal to be running down the strip, let alone just walking down the strip! No cars!

We continued all the way down the strip and could see runners on the other side finishing. We went past all the hotels, down towards my hotel, which I can tell you is about six miles from the airport! Past the nicer hotels, down towards the 39.99 per night, or could be per month, hotels, past all the wedding chapels, I think I saw Elvis!

I ran the first 3.5-4 miles and then I was kind of done running, I haven’t trained and I was fighting a cold, I’m ok with it though. We continued past the Pawn Stars shop, people stopped to take pictures, I did too, GES and ACS like it, so snap, snap. Down to old Las Vegas, parts of it were weird, we went through what we thought was a residential area, but it was a bunch of law firms, The Freemont Street Experience and then back onto the strip.


I have tricks to tell myself where I am and to motivate me to keep going. 3.1 miles, I just did a 5k, 4.5 miles, 1/3 done, stuff like that. When I got to mile 8, I got a bit of a second wind, then ten miles, “only three to go, you got this”.

Let me tell you…the last two miles were hard as hell! Then it was down to one mile, oh my gawd, I can do this, just 1.10 and let me tell you, all those shirts are right, I have always said it, that last .10 is brutal! I can do it, I can do it!

I finally crossed the finish line! I got my medal and foil blanket! I accomplished my two goals…FINISH AND MAKE SURE THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE BEHIND ME. I did it!

My final time was 3:40:24. I was hoping to beat my first half marathon time, 3:21:21, but I am thrilled with what I accomplished! I finished a half marathon people! 13.1 miles! ‘That’s because I’m only half crazy!’

I got my banana, water, protein bar, foil blanket and headed to the monorail. The only bad part was it was at least a quarter or more miles to get out of the race area, then it was about half a mile to the monorail, let’s just say my body didn’t like me last night.

I can officially attest, it does get cold in Las Vegas! It was about 70 most of the weekend, then yesterday, got down to about 40, maybe less, but it was windy. I wore the new shirt and Capri pants with the sleeves and my black running shirt over it, I also had gloves and I’m glad I did! At one point, I took the black shirt off and a few times, the gloves, but I was glad to have them!

After the monorail, I got to the hotel, stood under a hot shower for about 20 minutes, I was freezing! Then I packed, I did not want to have to do it in the morning. It was a painful experience. Then I got into bed, wrote to you and passed out!

I woke up at 6:30am, for good, with the sun shining in my face, too early! I sat in a cold bath, which I should have sat in an ice bath last night when I got to the hotel, helps with the inflammation, and then a nice hot shower, got dressed and headed to SLS, albeit slowly, for breakfast.

I ended up at The Griddle, ordered some eggs, potatoes and toast and a pancake. I sometimes like one pancake, I did not expect what I got! It was the size of a small pizza! Can you believe it?

I took three bites and the rest, along with the eggs and potatoes went into a container, hopefully my taxi driver found someone to give it to!

I finished packing, then headed to the airport, where my flight was delayed, oh joy. I did get to talk to a lot of other people who participated and felt about as sore as I did, at least I’m not alone!

The flight finally leaves and the guy who sat next to me was from Staten Island! What are the odds? I’ve sat next to people from New York City before, but never where I grew up! He’s done quite a few runs, including the New York City marathon a few weeks ago!

He travels for work and sometimes races, like this one and like I do, so I told him about a few races I’m doing and I sent him the link for a few and told him if he’s ever in one of my cities for a race, ha ha, to let me know! Small world!

Now, I am at GES’ house, I am exhausted, my body hates me and I am going to go downstairs and get some sleep! You have to be as tired as I am after this post!


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