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{November 11, 2014}   It is Veteran’s Day, have you said Thank You?

November 11th is a day that honors the all who served in the US Armed forces.

This is a day to honor all who have served in our country’s military. All who have served, this includes men, women and canines, many people forget there are wonderful and brave canines who serve alongside wonderful and brave human beings.

I have had the honor to know many people who have served in the military; family, friends, neighbors and past relationships, each one having had different experiences while they served. Some choose to talk about their time, some do not, but one thing linked them all together, they were and are proud of the service that they gave to and for their country.

One of the things that I enjoy on a day like today is seeing all the fabulous photographs that people post, either of themselves in uniform or of a loved one who has served or is currently serving, the pride and emotion that emanates from the photos is overwhelming.

I like to joke that the only war movies I enjoy are ones where they are singing and dancing. There are some fine war movies out there, unfortunately, I am usually an emotional mess if I watch one, so I will leave that to you. The messages differ, depending on the movie itself, some silly, sad, emotional, terrifying, heroic, but no matter what type of movie it is, it is an honor to serve your country and to all the brave men, women and canines who have served this great nation of ours and allowed me the freedom and opportunity to be able to voice my opinions in this very blog, I say “Thank You!”

I will leave you with this…When the show, Family Jewels, was on the air, Gene Simmons did an amazing tribute to all four branches of the military, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines Corps, I still get goose bumps watching it, I hope you do too.,



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