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{November 7, 2014}   The Call

Tonight I watched the movie, The Call, with Halle Berry and wow!

I say rent it, download it, whatever, but if you are into suspense films, watch it! And if you’ve already seen, what did you think?

I might give a wee bit of a spoiler alert, but not much, and the movie came out last year, so you will just have to deal with it!

Halle Berry plays a 911 operator who is top of her game, a star, she even has a regular caller who gets thrown in jail for DUI all the time and uses his one phone call to call her, how sweet. One day she gets a call from a girl who gets kidnapped and it changes her life and leaves her broken, for lack of a better term.

Move forward six months and she is now a teacher, I think instructor or trainer is a better word, but that could be because I am one! Anyway, she is now a teacher to the newbies and a call comes in to a probationary operator, six months on the job, who is lost after a few minutes and Jordan, Halle Berry, takes over and she is thrown back into it and has to find the strength within to stay with the girl, played by Abigail Breslin, fabulous by the way! [Little Miss Sunshine is all grown up!]

She stays on the phone with Casey and does everything within her power to help her, keep her calm, keep her talking and hopefully keep her safe. There are some plot twists and turns, a few Oh My Gawds! a few Did that really just happen? Even an Oh Damn! here and there!

I can see how this would have made a great book and I have to tell you watching it in the living room and being able to talk during it definitely helped! Having to keep quiet in the movie theater would not have worked! TS and I are so glad we do not have long blond hair!

Does this movie have a happy ending? I don’t know “happy” is the right word. I would go with satisfied.

The Call

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