Peaches Prattlings

{October 21, 2014}   Flying etiquette

There was a time that people looked at flying as a luxury, well it was a luxury, now, almost anyone can afford to fly.

The time when flying was a luxury, people would dress to the nines for a flight, now, I am no longer surprised by anything I see. People wear cut offs, shorty shorts, jeans with giant holes, sweats below the belt, some people look like they just woke up or slept in their car before they got on the plane.

Now, I am not saying that I dress in a business suit or a dress with an oversized hat with big sunglasses, or even wear makeup, I like to be comfortable. I might wear jeans or a dress or comfy leggings with a sweater. I like to be comfortable, but still respectful. I admittedly am one of the ones who likes to take their shoes off and be comfortable on a long flight, but I try to at least keep my toes looking good.

So, I’ve discussed dressing, how about we talk about just plain courtesy.  Just because you are in the middle seat, doesn’t mean you get both arm rests and if you get one, how about keeping your arm on the arm rest and not spilling completely over into my space and elbowing my sides. I know you might be taller or bigger than me and I may be small, but I still have personal space you should respect.

I know you want to relax and maybe recline, but I don’t want your head in my lap, I don’t know you that well, so please be cognisent of this when you decide to recline your seat all the way back. I can’t use my tray table at that point and if i was eating, forget about it!

The sun can be very bright at that altitude, do you have to have the window shade up at all times? On the flight back from Ireland, it’s mid-morning and all the shades are drawn so people can sleep or watch movies and about 5 hours into the flight, the woman sitting at the window in the row opposite decides to pull hers up half way, guess what comes shining like a flashlight in your eyes all the way across? I had to put my hood up just to keep the glare out. All five of us [the two in her row and the three in mine] were completely blinded by the light and not in a good way!

We are all cramped and tired and stiff, but come on people, a little common courtesy isn’t difficult, be nice to each other…put some clothes on, don’t leave the lavatory door open, don’t recline the seat all the way back, share the arm rest and for goodness sake, shower before you fly!

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