Peaches Prattlings

{October 8, 2014}   I’m going to….Ireland!!!

I am sitting at the gate at JFK airport waiting for my second flight of the day… I’m going to Ireland!!

I don’t know if I’ve told you that my “twin” and I, NB, have been taking about going to Ireland for years.  We were going to go for our 40th, but things happen and now, I have the time and funds and my birthday was just eight days ago, so…happy birthday to me!

I have loved all things Irish for a long time…movies, music, the accent, who doesn’t know I’m a sucker for a red-head! and everyone knows I have trouble passing up the opportunity to go to an Irish pub for a meal!!

I am beyond excited! I have my flight and a rental car (manual transmission, wahoo!) a list of things to do. Yup, that’s it! I even found a site for all things vegan and vegetarian!
And yes, I know they drive on the opposite side of the street, good luck to me, a new challenge!

Last week when I was at the Atlanta airport I met a nice woman and her son and a friend traveling back from Ashville. We started talking about trips and another friend just got back from a trip with her nieces and what did she do? Connected us and now I have a list of things to do and I am surrounded by people speaking with Irish accents! Who is on cloud nine?

I’ve been excited for a while, but I got positively giddy (yes, i said giddy)when I got off the first flight and saw the sign for the shuttle to my terminal and the flight info.

I will still be posting every night, although since I will be several hours ahead, my posts will come early! Lucky you!

Aaacckkkk! I’m going to Ireland!

And now you know!

Positivity Challenge – Day #21
1 – I am thankful I got everything packed!
2 – I am thankful my flights are on time!
3 – I am thankful I have this amazing opportunity! I’m going to Ireland!!!!
Bonus…I am thankful my youngeat niece looked at me this morning and said “I love you” and then her sister cried tonight when she got her costume and said “I miss J!” XOXOXO

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