Peaches Prattlings

{October 7, 2014}   Packing for vacation…slightly stressful!

Tonight I am packing for a trip and I am so bad about packing early. Where is the packing fariy when I need him/her???

I will tell you very soon where I am going, but I am taking myself on a very overdue vacation. A trip that I have talked about before and talked about going on with “My twin”, NB. I am using this trip to scope things out so we can go again in the future. I so want to explore it with him!

So, i have been getting ready, but is it really that different from any trip I take for work? Well, a little, I am going out of the country and want to be sure I have everything and don’t need to buy too much while I am wherever it is that I am not telling you at the moment.

There is stuff in storage in Colorado and some stuff here in Boston, together it made a full suitcase, well it will when I pack it! I am waiting on the dryer to finish and then I’m good to go.  I could have just gone shopping and gotten new stuff, but I want to get some goodies while I’m there, so load up here! Maybe my stuff will meet in the middle one day and make a happy home!

Passport-check, converter-check, new bagalini bag-check [quiet from the peanut gallery, it’s a new bag for traveling!], camera-check, extra chargers-check, brain- um…

I can’t wait to tell you all about my trip and tomorrow, I will! Well, at least where I’m going!

Gotta go, buzzer!


Positivity Challenge – Day #21
1 – I am thankful I have any nails left at all. Apparently gel polish looks great, but kills the strength of your nails, lesson learned. Clear polish to build them up again!
2 – I am so very thankful to have an amazing counselor who helps me get where i need to be and to navigate my company, she rocks!
3 – I am so very thankful Peanut is recovering well, a little groggy and sleepy, but seems ok

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