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{October 6, 2014}   My [furry] baby had surgery and is fine

Today I took Peanut to the vet’s to be spayed.

Anytime you take a family member to the doctor, be it two legged or four legged and furry, it can be nerve wracking, but all is right with the world. I have been remiss in not getting Peanut fixed before now, she is 6 years old, but it’s done and she’s doing well.

I dropped her off at 8am, looking at me like I was abandoning her forever and then happy to see me when I arrived at 4:45, when they finally brought her out, could have been the heavy pain medication, but I am hoping it was because I was there to rescue her!

Out she came with an e-collar around her neck, poor little bit, with instructions to keep it on for 10 days, huh? There is also 5 days worth of pain meds that I am sorry to say my sister will have to administer for days 3-5, I think it will be alright. Peanut is a very good girl and I’m hoping better than Jymy at taking her meds!

The post surgery instructions said to try to keep her from jumping and running, huh? this is a cat! I got her home, GES and I got her out of the carrier, fixed the e-collar and zoom, off she went! Running and jumping! She was on the furniture, off the furniture, up the bannister, then vanished, later to be found under the bed, looking sad. Eventually I coaxed her to come out and get on the bed, much more comfortable.

Tonight she has been sitting on my lap, looking up at me on ocassion to make sure I’m not going anywhere and she’s ok.

Yes folks, she is fine and will be right as rain in a few days, please send her your good vibes!

Positivity Challenge – Day #20
1 – I am thankful that Peanut was well cared for when she went in to be spayed today at the Parkway Veternary Hospital
2 – I am thankful that I was here and able to take Peanut to the hospital and pick her up after the procedure
3 – I am thankful that Peanut knows that her mommy is here to take care of her and won’t let anything bad happen to her.
Please send her your best vibes

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