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{October 5, 2014}   A 5k and my family was there!

Today I did my first 5k in almost 2 months and I had a cheering section!

Normally, when I do a 5k, 10k or 1/2 marathon, I am usually on my own, arriving and crossing the finish line. Now, don’t get me wrong, there have been a few races that I have done with people and as you know DCM used to take me and be there when I crossed the finish line.

Today, I had an extra special treat! ACS dropped me off at DeFazio Park at the packet pick up for the Walk for Walker 5k, The 5k started a few minutes after 10 and we were off, there was a 5k runners group and a 1 mile walker group.

For the first time, for most of the race, I was actually last, which was perfectly fine, because I was doing it, I didn’t care. The funny part was there was a police officer following to keep traffic back, so here i was going really slow and the officer had to drive that slowly! Even better, there were three that did hand offs, so for the first time in my life, I was followed by three police officers and I wasn’t even in trouble!

As I came around a bend about 1.5 miles in, there was my family! GES, ACS, EJS and MGS! My very own personal cheering section and it was the best feeling and sound ever! I kept running, then I heard them honking the horn and shouting as they went by to the finish!

I continued on running and then came around at the 3 mile mark, only needing to finish the .11 to the finish line, there were GES and EJS cheering me on to the finish! I crossed the finish line, got my bottle of water and waited for them to catch up so we could get the rest of the cheering section together.

Bottom line, it was so very cool to have my own cheering section there to support me during my run! I know what other runners, like my brother-in-law, ACS, or AK, feels when he does a half or full marathon and the entire family is there to cheer them on. It is fantastic!!!

Positivity Challenge – Day # 19
1 – I am thankful to have finished my first 5k in almost 2 months in 42:29, I am quite pleased with my time [for not having trained!]
2 – I am SO THANKFUL my family was there to cheer me in the middle of the course and at the end, that was awesome!!!
3 – I am thankful that I do not have to wear big poufy early 1900s dresses with teeny hats that tie under my chin

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