Peaches Prattlings

{September 22, 2014}   Was it worth it? Nope.

I believe I told you a few months ago about giving up dairy because I was lactose intolerant.

I now call myself an ovo-vegan, I eat eggs, but no other animal by-products. Well, giving up dairy has been interesting, tough and not fun. I will say that there have been times I have snuck a slice of cheese here and there, maybe on an egg sandwich. There haven’t been too many times, mind you, but I do miss it and I always have to ask myself, is it worth it? [how my body will react].

So far it has been far. And then it came crashing down.

Well, tonight I went to a steakhouse with some co-workers, I found something yummy to eat and not just veggie sides, so this was a treat. Everyone laughed when I asked our server, in reference to the salads, which would be worth getting sick for. So, beets with salted goat cheese it was. It was delicious, yum! Was it worth it? So far! Then there was the polenta with sun dried tomato pesto, orange tomato slices, eggplant and garnished with little pieces of fried onions and leeks. OMG! I ate half of it and for dessert, about three bites of warm apple cobbler.

Was it worth it? Let’s just say, by the time we left the restaurant, I was beginning to regret my decision and when I got to the hotel, well, let’s just say, I am renewing my vow to eat no more dairy or any of the things on my no-no list.

In closing…was it worth it? Not really. It was delicious, but in the long run, I’ll stick to non-dairy please and thank you.

Positivity Challenge – Day #7
1 – I am grateful when I find something delicious I can eat at a steakhouse [that isn’t just veggie side dishes]
2 – I am thankful when people want to invite me to join them for dinner
3 – I am grateful to be so lucky to have people in my life who want to know where I will be on my birthday!

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