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{September 21, 2014}   It’s not your food so don’t take it

Have you ever had food taken from the fridge at work? Frustrating ain’t it?

Do you work in an office or have you? Have you experienced putting food in the refrigerator and mistakenly didn’t put your name on it and it was taken you were very upset. And then the next time, you put your name on your food and it was still taken and you were really mad!

Who in their right might takes food that belongs to someone else? Especially when there is a name on that package! You actually opened the bag that was tied with a knot and took food out of it? I am not talking about people that are homeless taking food from a store or stand, and I apologize if that was harsh. I am talking about people who work in an office, professionals who can afford to buy their own lunch or bring it in. You took the time to make your lunch and now it’s missing.

So, what set me off? I went to the grocery store today to get something for lunch and brought back a spinache and quinoa salad, which was quite good, minus the onions, the cranberries helped. I also bought some juice and a hummus cup with pretzels. I got back to the hospital to have lunch and finish my shift, put the juice and hummus in the refrigerator, looking forward to the snack later.

Let me step out and set the scene. During Go-Live, in the Command Center, there are always snacks and drinks, to keep people happy and snacking. On the counter are the snacks: crackers, potato chips, candy, fruit and in the refrigerator: water and soda [coca cola, sprite and mr, pibb]

Last week, someone put a note on the bottom shelf saying “Do not take this” and someone took one of the drinks, he was visibly upset, understandably so. Next, my turn…about three hours after I ate my salad, I was ready for hummus, I was tired of chips and crackers and trail mix. I went into the fridge and guess what wasn’t there! Yup, there were plenty of snacks on the counter, but someone decided my hummus and pretzels was better and while I grant you that it was, it was mine and then it was gone. pook, grrrr.

Get your own food and snacks!

Positivity Challenge – Day #6
1 – I am grateful that the police officer that pulled me over the other night was friendly and in a good mood [blog post tomorrow]
2 – I am grateful that the police officer had a good sense of humor
3 – I am grateful it was for headlights and not speeding!

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