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{September 19, 2014}   Rental cars

Like a lot of road warriors, I rent a lot of cars.

One of the cool things about being a road warrior [and for clarification, a road warrior is someone who is on the road for work either 100% or close to it] is that you get to drive a lot of different cars. It’s almost like test driving a new car before you buy it. And if you are in the market for a new car, this could be a good way to see if one of the cars you rent is what you want.

I have driven some great cars and some not so great. My profile has me set up to rent a compact two or four door car. Part of that is for pricing and part is because I am not a huge fan of driving huge cars. As you know I drive a beetle convertible, so that is the size that I am most comfortable with.

When I was in Ann Arbor, I had a few beetles, those were upgrades, huh? I’ll take it! I’ve had SUVs, recently a Ford Focus, which is nicer than I imagined. I’ve driven Mustangs, Challengers, Chargers and with my lead foot, a good idea? I even had a Seabring convertible, now that was cool! Right now, I think I’m in a Ford Edge, an SUV and way high up off the ground, it’s interesting. I’m waiting to get a pickup truck, now that will be fun!

Maybe I’ll go back through my rental agreements and make a list one day. But not today!

Positivity Challenge – Day #4
1 – I am grateful for the amazing pillows at my hotel
2 – I am grateful for the opportunity to try out all different cars when I travel for work
3 – I am grateful for Netflix – to find a show and watch the entire thing!

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