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{September 17, 2014}   Watching movies with little kids

This is quite the experience.

Today, MGS wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed home from school and one of the movies we watched How To Train Your Dragon 2. She had seen the movie in the theater with her dad and sister when it came out, but of course, there were still questions and I answered.

There are always questions in the theater or at home. “Is this the scary part?” “Why is he doing that?” “Is he the good guy or bad guy?” and the list goes on. Sometimes there are more intense questions that make you think about what you’re going to say before you say it, you can’t just blurt anything out because, as you know, that sometimes leads to more questions.

Then there is that moment that they are sitting next to you and put their head on your shoulder or little hand on your leg that is right there next to them, is there a feeling any better? Not a chance!

ps…One nice thing about watching movies at home with kids…if there is a potty break, you can pause the movie!

Positivity Challenge – Day #3

1 – I am grateful to have a good job
2 – I am grateful that good job allows me to travel
3 – I am grateful I made my connecting flight

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