Peaches Prattlings

{September 9, 2014}   Grosse Point Blank

I LA LA LA LA LA LA LOVE this movie!!!

I know, I know, DCM says almost every movie is one of my favorite movies, but anyone who has seen this movie has to agree with me! How cold you go wrong with John Cusack.

Ok, I say that and I know there are movies that he has made that were awful, not everyone can make oscar winners, but even if they’re not oscar winners, some of them are great.

Do you know John Cusack’s film credits? He started early, I sometimes forget he was in Sixteen Candles, a small supporting role, but more famously in leading roles are Better Off Dead, One Crazy Summer, then Say Anything, just to name a few. His career goes on for at least 36 roles, some great, some not so great, but…I LOVE this movie!

This movie is about a hit man with a conflict of conscious. He goes to his ten year high school reunion to reconnect with his first love, while at the same time fulfill a contract. Who knew gun-play and murder could be so funny. 

There are some great supporting characters, Dan Aykroyd as another professional hit man, Minnie Driver is his high school sweetheart, Alan Arkin is his reluctant therapist, Joan Cusack is his funnier than anything assistant, Ann Cusack has a very small role as a funny drunken classmate, Hank Azaria as another hit man/federal agent, Jenna Elfman is goofy and Jeremy Piven is a manic classmate. 

Bottom line, if you haven’t seen this movie, see it. There you go!

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