Peaches Prattlings

{September 8, 2014}   I’m so tired…I might be seeing things!

Ok, I’m so tired I’m more loopy than anything else!

Who am I kidding, we’re tired! I have had the pleasure to work with a zone lead, who is also a nurse, VP, at the location I am supporting. Our shifts are 12 hours, as the facility is 24/7 and someone has to work days and someone has to work nights, guess who’s on nights for the first few days? Yup, yours truly and VP.

We started 3am-7am Friday night and then 6pm-6am, how much fun do you think we are having? 

For people who normally work days, nights is a tricky situation, it takes a lot of getting used to and of course, we are only doing go-live support for a few weeks, not long enough to get used to the hours and then guess what is going to happen in three days, shift change, working days, so 6am-6pm, like that. Fun!

I don’t know about you, but the less sleep I get, I get loopy, well, more loopy than normal! especially if I have to function. I know you’re aware that I don’t sleep a lot each night, but it is still precious to me and I value it. The other night, I got five hours, but it was deep, deep, coma like sleep and it was wonderful, I was good to go! 

No matter how much sleep you get, unless you work an overnight shift regularly, you’re going to get tired! It’s the same thing when you’re driving over the road. Just to clarify..I admire EVERYONE who works the night shift and has made it work for them.

About three and four am, you get loopy [I’m tired and getting more loopy, hence using the word loopy, a lot, too much, maybe] and really tired. Last night in particular, VP and I were sitting here, getting progressively more tired she turned to me to say she was going to close her eyes for about ten minutes and saw me with my head back, mouth open, dead to the world! OMG! So embarrassed! [but remember, she was going to do the same thing!] I was out for at least five minutes, but it was the best five minutes ever!!!

I am looking forward to leaving the facility and heading to the hotel at 1am, I got in at 4pm, same shift tomorrow, and crawling under the covers and hopefully catching up on some sleep. not disturb!

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