Peaches Prattlings

{September 5, 2014}   New places

I know I’ve talked about some of the trials and tribulations of traveling for work, but there are some terrific advantages.

One of them being, I get to try new places to eat and maybe do some touristy things. I know I talked about a few of the restaurants I went to in A2, Ann Arbor, for those of you not ‘in the know’ [I promise, A2 is EVERYWHERE around that place!

Well, here I am in Louisville, KY and there is a whole new world of places to try! I have asked for recommendations from people that I’ve met and so far, they’ve been great! I also like driving down the street an finding a new place which leads to another new place which leads to another and so on!

So…PM and I have found that! We’ve had a great time discovering new places! He knows he’s not KLS or KNOB, but it’s been great getting to know him and explore the city and all it has to offer together.

So far, I think we’ve done pretty well trying new places almost every day. Here is where we have been to date:

Gordon Biersch, a microbrewery and restaurant. It’s a chain, one that I frequented and enjoyed in Atlanta and PM had never been there. Once was good, twice, in a row…what? We went with the team, a welcome to Kentucky kind of thing. Ok, but that’s it, new places from now on!

We went to lunch at Wild Eggs, it was wild and we had eggs. groan. We also found Earth Friends Cafe, they had some vegan friendly dishes, the vegan Philly Cheese steak was AWESOME! Ok, that place I will go again! Safier Mediterranean, another place for lunch, is tasty and inexpensive and within walking distance to the office, so it gets lots of points. The baklava was yummy!

Decca was fun and interesting, the decorations were fun and the food…FABULOUS! I love anyone who can do magic with broccoli! The last three restaurants we’ve tried this week were The Grape Leaf for lunch yesterday, great hummus and baba ganoush, how can you go wrong there? I also had yummy lentil soup and a giant fatoush salad! Yum! 

Last night we went to Sway, which is off the lobby of the Hyatt, where PM is staying this week and it was fabulous! Our server, Jean, made the evening, we became fast friends and I was so happy to pass on to her, as a tip, the $10 bill I had found earlier that day! And last, but definitely not for dinner we went to Harvest, we had seen it several times and tonight finally went in. A wonderful creation with spaghetti squash, mmmm.

The great thing about these restaurants lately is that the staff has been terrific and the kitchens very accommodating to my needs as a vegan. Nothing bad to date! What can i say, I’m spoiled and i like me that way! 

I have a list..who knows where we will go next! Stay tuned!

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