Peaches Prattlings

{August 28, 2014}   My day

What a day. It’s late and I’m not going into all of it, but here goes…

Up early, had an issue at the hotel, picked up a co-worker, went into the office, did A LOT of busy work, important to the project, but busy work, none the less. 

Emailed with my brother-in-law..ok to bring the cats. Went to lunch, good place, good company, back to the office for more important busy work. Call travel company, change flights, finish work, drop co-worker off at the airport. 

Back to the hotel to pack ALL my stuff up, figure out what I’m taking with me, pack the car, FIND my missing box o’stuff! bright moment in my day. Pack up the cats, get a nice gash from Jymy not wanting to get into the carrier. Pack the car with the stuff and cats and head off towards Boston.

Get on the highway, find petrol, back on highway, drive, drive, drive, eventually get food, drive, drive, drive, finally pull off the highway to find a place to rest my head.

Write to you. Pass out.

Tomorrow…get up and finish driving, get to sisters house, hugs and kisses.


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