Peaches Prattlings

{August 26, 2014}   Losing something

I was looking for something and I think it’s gone and I’m sad.

I have a feeling it is gone for good and it is totally my fault, but I’m still sad. I was unloading my car on Sunday when I got to the hotel in Louisville, finally! and I had to make 3 trips since I was not able to park near the front desk, specifically to get a cart and I think I left this small container on the ground during one of my trips and either missed it or left it while I was making a trip and someone must have come by and taken it.

I’ve searched the car, but it was dark, so I’m going to take another chance tomorrow in the daylight to see if I can find it. If I can, wahoo! If not, my fault and stupidity and I’ll get over it eventually.

Don’t you hate [yes, I know it’s a strong word] when you do something like that? Grrr…I could use a hug!

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