Peaches Prattlings

{August 25, 2014}   Meeting new people

A little flirting and a lot of fun!

As I told you last night, I drove to Louisville for a new project and today was my first full day. My hotel is less than a mile away from the office I had to go to, so I went for a walk this morning. Boy howdy, it was HOT!!! It felt like the surface of the sun! Ok, I know I’m exaggerating, but I’m ok with it!

You know it’s bad when it’s so cold inside that you are looking forward to walking outside where it’s 90 and muggy to warm up! I got a ride from a very nice RN back to the hotel and then it was time to meet one of my co-workers for dinner. PM is a very nice guy who was on the University of Michigan project with me, but we did’t get to spend much time getting to know each other and as we are the only ones from that project here, guess what we’re going to do over the next month or so!

Tonight we went to dinner at Gordon Birsch, had a great waitress, Rockin’ Robin, she was a lot of fun and better than the food. I’ve eaten at GB  several times in Atlanta, with CKM, TS and a few other people, so I usually like it. The sweet potato fries were awesome!!

After dinner, I went for a walk, found a nice guy to give the rest of my dinner to and watched someone getting arrested, what else could you want for your evening activity? Louisville is interesting! 

As I was crossing the street I started talking to a group guys watching what seemed to be entertainment for them and the oldest of them all, a very nice older gentleman, wearing a USMC t-shirt, Ooh Rah, asked if I needed help crossing the street, how sweet was he!

So, being a shy person, HA, I stood there and talked to some of the group for a while. The Marine was a sheriff and the rest of the group were S.W.A.T. in town for training. You know how guys like to make women feel good by telling them how young they look? I’ll take 31, he was sweet, a professed dirty old man with 14 grandchildren! Wow! But what a sweetie I enjoyed talking to and when we parted company I got a kiss on the cheek and a hug. 

Let’s just say, I smiled all the way back to my hotel. A little flirting is good for the soul!



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