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{January 21, 2014}   Sherlock

Since I just watched the latest episode of BBCs Sherlock last night, I’m going to talk about all things Sherlock…Holmes.

I’m not going to discuss every version and incarnation of Sherlock Holmes, just the ones that stick out and are most influential to me, I think that’s the word I want.

I have loved Sherlock Holmes since I was a kid, my sister would read the books, I preferred watching the TV shows and movies on this one.

Let’s start with the latest Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch, just to get this out of the way…yum-my! I find him terribly tasty on a camera, but interestingly enough, in a few interviews I have seen him in, not as attractive as when in character, I wonder if it has to do with the character or the way he presents himself, things to ponder. And have you noticed that he’s in just about everything at the moment? Sherlock, August: Osage County, Star Trek, just to name a few, in addition to the guest roles he’s had over the years.

I really like this version of Sherlock, a modern version, with Martin Freeman as Dt Watson. He’s interesting in his own way, anti-social as they all seem to play him, rude, arrogant, self-righteous, a can’t-be-bothered know-it-all, I’m better because I’m smarter than everyone, I think that about sums it up. He’s only really loved one woman and cares only for Watson in the end, quite possibly because he’s the only one who really knows Sherlock and puts up with him, he’s a buffer to the rest of the world. Oh yeah, and he and his brother Microft are always thorns in each other’s sides, but would still do anything for the other.

I like the thought process, what goes through his mind as he “works things out”, to see everything mapped out for us as he is thinking it, it’s almost dizzying and yet, everything he says eventually makes senses. His powers of observation are uncanny, well, anyone who plays Sherlock Holmes has the same powers.

It’s new, it’s edgy and it’s good fun, I recommend it highly. Both Holmes and Watson blog, how could I not love it? Each episode is about 1.5 hours, almost a mini movie and well worth it, there are only three to four episodes per season.

If you have access to PBS, there is a great behind the scenes, “Unlocking Sherlock”, giving you an inside look at how they do it, came up with the idea, you find out that the actor who plays Microft, Stephen Moffat, is one of the shows creators.

The next Sherlock is Elementary, starring Johnny Lee Miller as Holmes, Lucy Liu as Watson and Aiden Quinn as LeStrade. Ie only recently started watching it, I thought it was going to be interesting when it first came out, I tried to watch an episode and didn’t make it and recently tried again and I like it.

I find this Holmes more disagreeable but likeable than most, I know, it’s weird. It’s very different because he’s in recovery and his father hired Watson to work with him on his recovery, I think that’s it, I’m in season 2 now, so forgive me if I’m way off base, but I’m looking for past episodes to get caught up. I think one of the things I like and don’t like is that it’s set in NYC, (I’m from NYC, so that part makes me happy) and again, it’s today’s time frame, which I like and find interesting and odd, same as the BBC version, embracing something different.

I have to say, when all these Sherlock Holmes movies and TV shows started popping up, I was curious and apprehensive, much the way I was when Star Trek, The Next Generation came along, I was an original Trekkie and Basil Rathbone was my Sherlock Holmes idol!

You may remember Basil Rathbone more from Robin Hood with Errol Flynn, but my first memory is with Nigel Bruce Saturday mornings watching Sherlock Holmes mysteries on TV in black and white. Hehad the hat and pipe and played violin and was the first to really show the drug addiction. Nigel Bruce was the first to play Watson as more of a bumbling, but love able sidekick and friend to Holmes.I loved the way he spoke, deduced, dressed in disguise, which you don’t see much of with Cumberbatch or Miller, but you do in Downey Jr, interesting…
I can still hear him say “Come Watson…”

Jeremy Brett played Holmes from the mid 1980s through the mid 1990s. He was in color and a much harder version and showed the dark side of Holmes’ drug addiction, touched on by Basil Rathbone, but really brought to light by Jeremy Brett. I enjoyed his version immensely, it was definitely much more serious than his predecessor, Rathbone. His Watson, played by Edward Hardwicke was pleasant and laughable, but a little more serious, following Holmes.

As far as the movies go, I am la la la loving the Robert Downey Jr movies, more traditional in terms of the time period, but modern in some of the weaponry and thinking and the one thing that seems to reflect the BBC Sherlock is the thought process, talking out how things are going to go.

On the sillier side, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother stars Gene Widler as Sigerson Holmes, Marty Feldman as Sgt Orville Stanley Sacker and Madeline Kahn as Jenny Hill. “The younger brother of the consulting detective tries to steal Sherlock’s glory by solving an important case assisted by an eccentric Scotland Yard detective and a lovely but suspicious actress.”

It’s a fun play on the Sherlock Holmes enterprise, a musical and if you like Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, Madeline Kahn and Dom DeLuise, to name a few, want to laugh and are ok with utter silly, watch this movie!

I’m sort of sorry…I didn’t realize I had that much to say on the matter! I know, me talk a lot, you’re sherlocked! Sorry, couldn’t resist!

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