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{October 3, 2013}   My Fair Wedding

No! I’m not getting married, I just la la la love this show!

Years ago, I would watch “A Wedding Story” before I got married, I used to watch “A Baby Story” (my cousing, SS was even on an episode!) when I was newly married and thinking about kids.

Recently, I found two shows that fascinate me. The first is Four Weddings, this is a show where they take four women who have never met and sort of pit them against each other; they are each competing for the chance to win a honeymoon. They attend each other’s weddings and then rate them on dress, venue, food, overall feel. It’s interesting to see how each bride differs in her style and the wedding she puts on. There have been some interesting ones, one bride said her vows in an aquarium tank, another in a converted theater that was set up to look dark and gothic, there were traditional sweet weddings, all different, still not sure why I am drawn to this.

The next show, the reason I started this post, is for My Fair Wedding. I watched it once or twice when I was traveling and thought it as fascinating and then…da da’s on Netflix! And as you know, when I find a show I like, I just watch as many episodes there are and move on to the next show.

My Fair Wedding is hosted, sort of, by David Tutera. He’s a big time famous wedding planner with a thriving business who puts on these elaborate and extravagant weddings. This show centers around one bride that he selects who applies to be on the show and their wedding is, let’s just say, in need of guidance and flat out help. Some have themes: Picnic, Wizard of Oz, Motown! Mini trucks, Asian Fusion, Belly Dancing, the list goes on. Some brides, just don’t know what they want or their ideas are all over the place.

That’s where David Tutera comes in and basically saves the day, he takes over where he needs to. Everything from changing the wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, venue, menu, anything that needs help.

One of the fun things to watch is when he first meets a bride, she shows him her vision and he keeps a straight face, especially if the idea is seriously out there! Off camera, he will tell us, the viewers what he’s thinking, but on camera, with the bride, he’s always intreagued. He is always complimentary when he sees the bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses, no matter how bad they are, he finds something positive.

Sometimes, he does love an idea or a theme, he might go with it in a small way incorporate it into the overall event, or he takes it and runs with it. But what he will do is make whatever is they want happen, within reason. He went against the grain and gave two brides black wedding dresses, who does that!

The big thing he does is listen to the bride, what they want, what their vision is and make it so much more, come to life, almost as he steps inside their minds and sees what they really want, sometimes it’s exactly what they say, sometimes it’s completely in the opposite direction.

The thing that amazes me, and possibly anyone who watches the show and the brides he works with is that he treats each bride as if she is the only bride he has ever worked with, they are the most special and beautiful woman on the planet.

He has approximately three weeks to put the wedding together and he will do things with her to make her feel special, it might be jewelry, selecting flowers, a makeover, signature cocktails, food, perfume, something to help her relax, like swinging from a trapeze, zip lining, hot air balloon rides, you name it, he’ll do it!

Ultimately, no matter what he does, it’s to make the bride feel special and have a day that she and her husband will remember and treasure for the rest of their lives. You can tell how much he touches these women, not just in words, but in action and you truly feel that he loves each and every one of them. Aside from the tears of joy and wonderment when he reveals their weddings to the couple, they can tell how much of himself he put into their theme, ceremony and reception, their words of love and devotion to him for all he did for them, sometimes it’s just words, sometimes it’s a token of their appreciation, in a physical gift or a donation to one of the many charities he is passionate about.

I love watching each and every episode, sometimes I’m not sure about his choices, but he knows what’s best for that bride and the wedding party and sometimes I marvel at how he’s going to come up with a wedding that brings the bride’s vision to life. Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I wanted a themed wedding and how David Tutera would bring it all together.

All in all, I really enjoy the show and it’s just a feel good time and of course, being a girl, from time to time, I tear up at the ceremony, who doesn’t?

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