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{April 21, 2021}   A trip to the dentist…ahhh

I actually like going to the dentist, I know I’m not normal to some people, but I do. Even though most times I go, I get some news…like ‘oh look, another cavity’ yeah, that’s me. But…I do like going to the dentist, my teeth feel clean, and squeaky clean, and smooth, ahhh.

When I was a kid, we went to Dr. T, the whole family, I remember the treat basket in the corner, when we were done we got to pick something, I remember the toys, was there candy as well? That wouldn’t make sense for a dentist! It wasn’t always my favorite experience, cavities and all…but he was a very nice man, always with a smile and his hygienist was a very nice woman as well. My dad was still going to him after GES and I grew up and left NY, unfortunately we lost Dr T last year to Covid-19, when dad told me, it was a part of my childhood that was gone, and even thought I hadn’t seen him since I was a kid, I always got reports back when my dad would see him. Over 40 years, I think, my dad was going to him, he is missed.

When I moved to Atlanta, someone I was working with recommended Dr. Roger Abbott, and he became my dentist for the nearly 20 years that I lived in Atlanta. He was funny, compassionate, caring, and a great dentist. He was even an amateur stand up comedian, I told you he was funny! R was one of his hygienists when I started and I stuck with them until I left. I made sure to only see them when I visited the office and after a while, I didn’t even have to ask! I made him laugh in return, even talked to him through my root canals, I know you’re shocked! He laughed at my music selections, it was usually something Muppets related!

When I started going to him, he only had 2 or 3 exam rooms, by the time I left, there were about 15, maybe 20, I know he expanded a lot. I feel like I helped him get there, with all my procedure and cavities! HA HA. When I first started going, they had tv’s on the wall, I said you need tv’s in the ceiling, for when patients are laying flat back, guess what they got! I told him they needed blankets, guess what the got! We watched our kids grow up, his kids were crawling when I first started going, sharing stories with each other. I think we even got divorced about the same time! One of the things I really liked was when I would have a procedure, like a root canal, filling, whatever, he would call that evening to check on me. Bottom line, what a great dentist and human being!

It was hard to find someone I trusted as much as Dr Abbott, I even thought I would go back to Atlanta every six months to have my check-ups with him. That worked for a minute. I went to my sister’s dentist in Boston, that was temporary, I found someone I liked in Hawai’i, that was temporary…today, we went to a new dentist near where we live and he was great.

The world is very small, let me tell you why. We started talking about where we are from, where we want to retire to. Well, here’s the small world part, he’s from Hong Kong, no not that part, he went University of Buffalo, I went to SUNY Fredonia, and PSM went to University of Rochester. Anyone who has been to those universities, especially in Western New York, knows about Buffalo Wings, and not just any buffalo wings, the places that made them famous! The Anchor Bar is where it all started, and we talked about that for a long time. It was a long time ago, but when I was on a project in Buffalo, my sister and some friends, who went to UB, asked me to bring back wings from the Anchor Bar, and I did. About 25 pounds of frozen wings, they were very happy!

Back to the dentist…we had x-rays, cleanings, flossing, and rinsing. Wonderfully, I came away with nothing! And by nothing, I mean no issues! Was to the hoo! I called my dad on my way home and told him, he was very excited for me. I said “I guess the dentist didn’t need to buy anything!” ha ha. He even complimented one of my crowns, go Dr. Abbott!

All in all, a very pleasant experience and appointments have already been made for October, let’s go!


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