Peaches Prattlings

{April 15, 2021}   It’s definitely Spring. Look at our killing fields…

As soon as the weather gets nice…one of our dogs, and I shall not name names, except…you could add the word slippers after her name and you would have my favorite movie! HA HA said dog, takes most of the toys in the house and takes them out back, well, into the backyard…and leaves them there!

In the house, it’s take this one out, leave it here. Take that one out, leave it there. Take this one and put it in my dog bed, and this one looks good on the other dog bed, and so it goes. We pick them up, put them in the basket, and there is a basket, I promise, and then moments later…where did they go! As I mentioned, in the Spring, grab a toy, take it outside. Leave it somewhere. Go back inside, grab another toy, take it outside. Leave it somewhere else. Then…if you try to bring it inside, it is either snatched from your hand or if it does make it back in the house, within minutes, it’s somewhere in the backyard!

Now…something they weren’t taught, before we got them, was to play fetch, it would be fun. How it happens in our house…we throw it, mostly Ruby, but sometimes Bee, runs after it, pics it up, races around the yard, then drops it somewhere and comes back to you…empty handed, or empty mouthed, as it were…not exactly the way it works! ha ha. Or…same scenario, just in the house…it cracks me up every time!

JS is going to be watching the pups when we head out of town this weekend and she was very sweet to ask if she could bring them a toy, so I sent her a text, thanking her, and showing her the pile and littering of toys we have. She really is sweet and the pups seem to like her! I can’t wait to tell you how it goes! We left them once last year at a kennel, this time, we’re hoping to be able to leave them with JS whenever we go out of town!

Back to our killing fields…you can see them through the window and when you walk the yard! Everywhere! The worst is when we forget to bring one or two inside…and it rains…ick! Then…it’s so sad when one of the toys just isn’t meant to be any longer, let’s just say…squeaker…gone, head…possibly gone or hanging by a thread, literally, stuffing…gone. Yeah, that happens too. What can I say, they love those toys to death! ha ha, sorry, couldn’t resist!

I love that some of the toys they came with, some we have bought them, and some, were Mollie’s, like Ruby’s absolute favorite opossum, a stuffed one, of course!, is the last toy we bought Mollie. We’re really happy that they are loving on these toys. Oh man, sometimes, when they have a few, or even just one, in the bed with them, and they are snuggled up with it, can it get cuter? Nope!

But…today…I went around picking up the toys from the yard. How long do you think it will take them to make their way, magically, of course, back out into the yard?!


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