Peaches Prattlings

{April 14, 2021}   Do you confuse yourself like I do?

Are you like me? Are the simplest concepts the most difficult? The tough ones are a piece of cake? I often fall into this! Tell me something is complicated, I’ll get it, possibly even master it in a short period of time. Tell me something is easy and I am stumped!

I started something Tuesday and I have to continue every third night. When exactly is that? Do I count Tuesday, making it Thursday or do I count Wednesday as the first day and then Friday would be the day? I even looked online for help…not helpful.

Where is the banging your head on the wall emoji? Not the head banging emoji, that’s for rockin’ out! The banging your head on the wall because you just can’t get it! Seriously?!

And guess what…I know me…I’m going to have to count the days off in my head from the last time I counted…for the rest of my life! And you know me…you know it’s true! ugh!


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