Peaches Prattlings

{April 5, 2021}   Spring has sprung for sure!

My dad wrote the best poem “Spring has sprung, the grass has rise, I wonder where all the flowers is”. Having a moment, I think that’s the full poem, if it’s not, sorry daddy!

Our yard, the neighborhood, the park, are all in bloom. I know, you’ve been listening to my laments about Spring, but truly, I love it. The colors, the smells, the grass, are you like me, do you love the smell of a fresh cut lawn, ahhh, the flowers, the trees, all of it!

We’ve been having work done on our yard and our amazing landscaping team, Oxygene Landscape Design, has been working on our backyard. I’ll show you pictures after it’s done, but while things are moving in the right direction, when they moved some daffodil bulbs from one place to another and when they took out one of the structures we wanted removed and rebuilt, they repurposed the dirt, to fill in some areas that needed a little help. It turns out…there were some bulbs in the dirt and now…we have daffodils growing in the pine straw in random areas, it’s great!

With this being April, we should have some amazing rain showers that should produce some amazing flowers in May. You know the saying “April Showers…bring May flowers“. Here’s hoping! I can’t wait to see what the neighborhood and the park look like when the trees and flowers are all in bloom, wow! An explosion of color!

Enjoy the colors!


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