Peaches Prattlings

{March 29, 2021}   I wish I could use telepathy to blog

I know, it might sound crazy, there are so many reasons someone might want to use telepathy, and by the way…telepahty is apparently one of those words I have trouble typing without sounding it out. Do you have any of those words? I digress..shocker!

Back to my reason for this post. I know there are many reasons someone might want to be a telepath or have that ability, not here to talk about that, but the reason I want it…so I could blog any time! There are so many times I think about things I want to tell you and I’m not near my pc or even able to use my phone to jot down notes or even dictate, so…how great would it be if I could just think my post and there it would be?

Yeah, that’s about it. Are you loving this? This might be my shortest post in a long time.

You’re welcome. ha ha.


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