Peaches Prattlings

{March 22, 2021}   It’s really nice having nice neighbors

We moved into our neighborhood in November 2019, that was just long enough to meet our next door neighbors, and one couple down the street, and that was really it, and then…Covid shut everything down. Since we’ve lived here, we started meeting a few more people, or at least waving to them, then…April of last year, we adopted Bee and Ruby, and it’s amazing how many more people you meet when you have dogs.

I remember one of my first apartments when I lived in Atlanta, I moved in with someone who had a dog, Casey, a too smart for her own good Australian Shepard. My roommate started dating someone shortly after I moved in, so it was just me and the dog. We would go out every day for doggie happy hour, everyone would bring their dogs out to the big field out back, near the vollyball court, or what we sometimes referred to as the cat box…Everyone would let their dogs off leash and we would watch them have a great time. The funny thing is…we didn’t really know each other’s names, we knew the dogs names, and isn’t that what really matters? ha ha

Well, that’s what’s happening here, we’ve met so many more of our neighbors because they are out walking with their dogs and they know our dogs. I know I remember almost everyone’s name because I remember their dog’s name. And the same thing for them to me. Funny thing happened the other day…I was in the grocery store and I saw a neighbor without her dog and had to do a squinted look to think about who she was for a moment, kind of like when you’re a kid and see your teacher out of school!

It really is a nice feeling, seeing someone, saying hello, catching up, in your own neighborhood. I had that in my last house in Georgia, I didn’t have a dog, but I lived there for about 11 years, it was bound to happen. We had that a little in Hawai’i, people knew Molly, the four legged one, they liked saying hello to her. But here, I realized it this morning as we were walking the girls, and then tonight as I was getting the mail and one of my neighbors said hello and my name, but I didn’t see her in the dark!

Won’t you be my neighbor?


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