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{February 18, 2021}   We are the Champions Part II

As promised…next installment. Still fantastically funny! And, what hasn’t changed: We are the Champions, Netflix, Rainn Wilson. Just a reminder!

Episode 3: Fantasy Hair Styling. Anyone who knows me, knows I love these types of competitions! I’ve watched hair competition movies, like The Big Tease, starring Craig Ferguson, Blow Dry, with the amazing Alan Rickman and Bill Nighy, and movies about hair, like Beauty Shop with Queen Latifah and Good Hair with Chris Rock, as well as salon shows. I think these movies and these competitions are crazy and fabulous! It is simply amazing what you can do with hair. Well, not you specifically, unless this is your world, and if it is, have at it! I’m happy to be able to color my hair successfully!

This centers around the Bronner’s Brothers International Beauty Show, [check out the rules! All FOURTY of them! O M G!] and focuses on three main competitors. Terrance Davis, who has won, or placed, in the Bronner’s Brothers competition, more than once, among other competitions, Kirk Pro, who has won the Bronner’s Brothers four times, which is the record, among other competitions, and Merlande Petithomme, first time at the Bronner Brother’s competition. Their backgrounds are all different, but they have one thing in common, they can do some hair! There were other competitors, but these are the three they focused on, as well as background and fun of the competition.

I’ll be honest, this wasn’t my favorite episode, as much as I enjoyed it, there was more about their backgrounds and not getting to see what they can create, as they are creating it, you got to see the final product or installation at the competition itself. What I truly enjoy is watching the artists at work and you don’t get to see that in this episode. Now, if you don’t watch hair competitions or movies where they create amazing structures with hair, then this is all new to you and I have a feeling you will get a kick out of it, especially to see what human beings can do with hair!

The next episode was all about the Yo-Yo, not YOLO, but the Yo-Yo, the toy you probably played with as a kid, maybe even playing with one now! It’s two disks with a string that you spool and bring back, then if you’re really good, you know tricks. I’m happy to drop it and make it come back up, I’m a simple goil! Get this, there is a Greek vase painting dating back to 426 BC showing a boy playing with a yo-yo! Wow, really?! You might know them from their famous brand, Duncan Toys, established in 1929.

Following the formula, you meet multiple participants, not everyone, but the ones to watch. Gentry Stein from California, Betty Gallegos, from Mexico, hoping to compete in the 1A World Championships, which has never had a female entrant! Evan Nagao, from Hawai’i, who started yo-yoing at 3 years old! Keirin Cooper is a yo-yo champion and a crowd pleaser, and has even designed his own yo-yo.

We get to watch the participants practicing at home, almost anywhere, then we see the 2019 World Yo-Yo Championship, that took place in Cleveland. It’s fun to watch everyone, participants, parents, enthusiasts in their element, just enjoying and marveling at what some people can do, it truly was amazing! I now have a second competition to go and watch!

Now you’re caught up! Go forth and champion something!


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